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Diabetic Foot Symptoms

If you have already received these benefits but would like to have the Foot Solutions experience, our certified pedorthists will provide a 20-25 minutes foot evaluation including a barefoot assessment, gait analysis, foot scan and educate you on the preventive measures for your continued foot care. We will work with your physicians to ensure all the needed Medicare paperwork is completed and submitted on your behalf. Not all Foot Solutions locations are approved medicare providers. Please check with your local Foot Solutions location to verify that they are approved Medicare providers or click here if you would like to find a Foot Solutions location in your area.

Patients must be counseled by their physicians to be aware of these problems. They must be encouraged to take extreme care of their feet Always wash the feet with a mild soap or antiseptic solution. Never leave the feet wet, because fungal infections thrive in damp areas. Pat dry the feet with a soft towel. Shoes should be selected with utmost care. Always wear socks inside shoes. Open shoes are a strict no for these patients. Even the tiniest wound should be immediately attended to. Nails should be trimmed regularly. Never allow them to in grow into the nail bed. Diabetic Foot Cellulitis Treatment.diabetic foot cream

There is a strong association between high blood glucose and heart disease. Diabetes is said to be a vascular disease wherein eight out of 10 people will end up with heart disease. This is already evident with increasing number of heart attacks seen in younger people around us. Damage to the heart and brain (stroke) are a result of a combination of chronic blood vessel changes because of diabetes and high lipids which end up clogging vessels and damaging the elasticity of blood vessels. People with a high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes find themselves in a dangerous triad.

So a diabetic amputation goes something like this. If you start a walking program to help control your diabetes, but you have a little nerve damage, he may not be able to field blister starting to develop. If you keep walking the blister conversed. Just like that, you have an open sore. Your blood flow is a little sluggish and it takes a long time to heal. Then it gets infected while it is trying to heal. If your blood sugar is high, all of those sharks are wandering around in the dark, mouths wired shut, and the infection spreads.diabetic foot ulcer treatment

Also, because diabetics have a tendency to experience problems with swollen feet, wearing regular socks often feels binding and too restrictive. Compression socks are especially designed to allow proper blood circulation of a diabetic’s feet they are also made to be wider than normal socks to aid in comfort plus the material they are made from will help wick away moisture. The elastics in regular socks also tend to be much tighter cutting off circulation. This can sometimes be rather painful to a diabetic, and it tends to lead to other foot problems for diabetics.